About institute

CRI «Electronics» is an information and analytical center of national radio-electronic industry which coordinates companies’ activities in economy, scientific and technical policy and international cooperation.

The general director of the Institute is Alena Fomina (Doctor of Economics, Professor).

The Central Research Institute of Electronics was created by the order of the USSR State Committee on Electronic Technology No. 185 of August 19, 1964, according to the USSR Council of Ministers Decree No. 1632p of August 6, 1964. It should become an information and analytical center which holds complex research in electronic Industry. The institute’s main tasks were to solve the economic problems of national electronics, to provide its development and to support engineering and production.

The Institute accumulated all major information about technical and economic activity of industry enterprises and analyzed it. One of its main tasks was to make strategic decisions which should determine the industrial efficiency for the long term.

After collecting information about the development of domestic and world electronics, product range and plans of manufacturing plants CRI «Electronics» publishes various newsletters, reviews and other analytical materials. The Institute was the main developer of the following documents:

  • FTP "Development of Electronic Engineering in Russia" which received the status of the Presidential program;
  • "Development strategy of electronic industry" until 2025;
  • Subprogramme "Development of electronic component base" of FTP "National Technological Base" for 2007-2011;
  • FTP "Development of electronic database and radioelectronics" for 2008-2015.

Nowadays the Institute is the lead developer of such documents as "Development Strategy of Radioelectronic Industry in Russian Federation until 2030", State Programme "Development of the Electronic and Radioelectronic Industry until 2025" and other ones that should determine the situation of this field in the nearest future.

The Project Management Center and Rostec Corporation’s Information and Analytical System were also formed on the basis of CRI "Electronics".

The Institute publishes 2 scientific journals ("Radio industry" and "Questions of radio electronics") which are included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science, as well as various scientific and technical collections and newsletters. CRI "Electronics" actively promotes new industry achievements and the best enterprises’ practices. Also the Institute organizes collective industry stands in various Russian and international exhibitions which demonstrates production of radio-electronic enterprises.

Certificate of CRI «Electronics»

One of the most important tasks of the Institute is to develop the integration of national radio electronics into the world economy and to find ways to produce competitive products.


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