Alеna Fomina

Alеna Fomina is one of the brightest representatives of the new generation of the St. Petersburg School of Economics.

She is known as an expert in the design of development policies and the restructuring of high-tech production structures, conduct industry analysis and financial and economic planning at the federal and regional levels.

Under her leadership, it has been successfully implemented numerous projects in the field of strategic planning, forecasting, business education, the formation of rating systems, the development of regional economy and the industry, publishing and business consulting. In particular, with the direct participation of Alеna Fomina, has developed a number of key program and target documents defining prospects of development of electronic industry, including the Russian electronic industry development strategy until 2030, the State Program «Development of electronic and radio-electronic industry until 2025», the program implementation of the cluster politicians.

Currently, Alеna Fomina is the managing director of CRI «Electronics», which is a unique information-analytical center of domestic and foreign electronics, coordinating the activities of enterprises and organizations of the electronics industry in the field of economy, science and technology policy and international cooperation.

Under her leadership CRI «Electronics» has received the status of the leading industry research institute of electronic industry and implements key industry strategic projects, including the introduction of a single industry information and analysis system, support the integration of the four major industrial holdings of the State Corporation «Rostec» design and development of software and documents targeted industries, including the subprogram «development of electronic component base and radio electronics in the years 2016-2025». Index of scientific papers of the Institute in Russian Science Citation Index (RISC) reached 895 publications.

In addition, Alеna Fomina is a professor of National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI» and Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. In the course of its research and teaching activities Alеna Fomina is developing a strategic talent pool and advanced training of specialists for the enterprises of the industry. The results of her research, in the field of strategic management, the medium- and long-term forecasting, the development of industry economy and management of business processes reflected and published 12 monographs and more than 50 scientific papers. Alеna Fomina Hirsch index reached a value of 20.

Alеna Fomina is a corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences. Several scientific papers coauthored with her out in the quarterly journal «Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences», indexed in the largest international database Scopus.

Scientists working with her co-authorship became winners of the All-Russian competition for the best textbook and monograph (indexed in RISC) and the contest «Golden Pen».